GDPR & Privacy

What information we are collecting:

(i) We will collect the contact name and email addresses of persons submitting a submission to our poetry competition.

(ii) We will also record whether they have paid the £5 submission fee.

Why we are collecting this information:

(i) We collect this information for the purposes of contacting the winner and runners up in the competition.

(ii) We collect a record of payment to ascertain if the submission fee has been made.

When we will remove this information:

We will remove all contact details no later than two months after the competition deadline (31st July 2020), once the winners have been contacted.

Where this information is held:

This data will be held in a page on a spreadsheet hosted by Cynefin.Calon.Celf, where only people associated with Cynefin.Calon.Celf can access the information.

Who will have access to this data:

Cynefin.Calon.Celf directors and associates can view this information for the purposes of maintaining the festival poetry competition.